Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fiber Lasers Changing the Way We Cut Stainless Steel

Fiber Lasers Changing the Way We Cut Stainless Steel

Fiber lasers use solid-state laser technologies that offer a combination of high beam quality, provide the fastest cutting speeds available and are expected to change how manufacturers cut metals in the immediate future. Lasers Photonics’ newest fiber laser cutting system, the Titan FLS 48, is leading the way and provides an excellent solution for any company cutting reflective metals; such as stainless steel, brass or aluminum. The Titan FLS 48 also has a lighter weight design, smaller footprint and is more environmentally friendly compared to other competitive systems.

Click the link below for Video Demonstration:

As shown in the picture and video link, the Titan FLS 48 effortlessly completes the cutting of this stainless steel panel. This application was accomplished using a 2000W fiber laser and performed at a speed of 50mm/sec. This system is capable of cutting stainless steel as thick as 4mm and can reach cutting speeds of up to approx. 55mm/sec. The Titan FLS 48 is also the most energy efficient solution to stainless steel cutting by reducing power consumption by more than 20%. This is a great example of how fiber laser technologies are changing production lines. The Titan FLS 48 is quickly making a name for itself around the industry due to the savings that are found in the post processing time and in lower maintenance and energy costs.

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