Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marking and Engraving on Wood Using a Laser

Laser systems help wood markers and engravers speed up production while becoming more accurate. Most wood workers in the industry use CO2 laser systems which provide them with the best solution for marking and engraving their products. These lasers have replaced such conventional methods as branding or burning the wood. As laser technology expands many companies in the wood marking and etching industry are realizing the overall cost and time saving these systems provide. Most of these companies use lower power lasers ranging from 10Watts to 100Watts depending on the speed and accuracy required by the specific applications.

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The SBM 1200M laser cutting and laser engraving machine comes equipped with CO2 laser combining flying optics with a precision Direct Drive motion system. CO2 laser equipped system provides highly accurate cutting, welding, engraving and marking capabilities for multiple materials.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Product Update: The FiberTower™ MegaCenter Laser

The FiberTower™ MegaCenter is Laser Photonics’ featured product of May, 2009. This unique system is one of the newest generations of fiber laser material processing systems for parts marking, UID marking, and deep engraving. It is the most advanced, industrial grade, fiber laser machine available. Equipped with the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080nm) with a unique combination of large marking area, high peak power, and ideal beam quality and fiber delivery, the MegaCenter™ is changing many manufacturing processes.

Operating as a standalone unit or as part of an in-line system, the FiberTower™ MegaCenter incorporates a direct drive linear motion system, Fiber Laser with Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller, Power Supply, Marking Software and a laser safety enclosure.

For more information on the FiberTower MegaCenter, view our product update:

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Laser Photonics: Made in the USA

A US company has positioned itself as the only domestic manufacturer of a flat-bed fibre-laser cutting system.
Laser Photonics (Lake Mary, FL) supplies the Titan series of fibre-laser cutting machines, a range of multipurpose flat-bed systems equipped with a high-power fibre-laser and a single-pallet shuttle table. And it is currently the only US manufacturer of such a system, according to the company's marketing manager Maureen McHale.

"Fibre lasers are still a relatively new technology," McHale told "They represent a real improvement in technology for a variety of applications, and are becoming the new industry standard. However, many manufacturers and job shops still haven't embraced the technology and cling to their CO2 machines."

The company's expertise in fibre-lasers stems from its background in the supply of systems for laser marking, cutting and engraving applications, and experience in working with lasers in R&D environments. "Along the way we acquired an understanding of how to physically build workable systems and incorporate lasers into industrial applications," said McHale.

Other US companies supplying the industrial-laser sector have not embraced fibre lasers in the same way, according to McHale: "Fibre lasers have not historically been a major focus for US manufacturers. Consequently most manufacturers of such systems are European companies, as US suppliers currently do not have the combination of technical know-how and ability to build the equipment needed."
The only other sources for similar flat-bed fibre-laser machines at present are one Italian and one Indian company (Air Liquide and Addprint India Enterprises), but McHale indicates that they differ from the Titan series in the way they manipulate the workpiece. "The Italian and Indian machines use ball and screw mechanisms, while the Titan employs a linear drive motion system. This allows for higher speeds during cutting, and can deliver the high levels of accuracy and repeatability required in flat-sheet cutting and the flat-panel-display industry."
At present, Laser Photonics claims its order books remain healthy despite the economic climate. "In the first quarter of 2009 our sales are up by over 250% compared to the total sales volume of 2008. Many manufacturers are using this down-turn in the economy to beef up their production lines, and investigate ways to lower their operating costs, use less energy and increase throughput."
These attractions guarantee that Laser Photonics will soon be facing competition in its niche. "We recognize that within the next 5-10 years other US manufacturers will try and compete, but we are pushing to stay ahead of any possible competition," said McHale. "Being the only manufacturer of a product in the US is a big thing."

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