Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Only Company in US Making Fiber Laser Cutting Systems - Laser Photonics

Laser Photonics, the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber and C02 laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving applications announced today that it is still the only company in the United States manufacturing a flat bed fiber laser cutting system.

One year ago, Laser Photonics’ introduced a new system to its product line, the Titan Series. This machine was Laser Photonics’ first multipurpose fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a high-powered, energy efficient fiber laser and a single pallet shuttle table. It was also, the only one of its kind manufactured in the United States.

On the eve of unveiling a new redesigned Titan Series, Laser Photonics announces that it is still the only manufacturer in the United States to have such a machine on the assembly line.

“Being the only manufacturer of a product in the United States is a big thing,” said Maureen McHale, Laser Photonics Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Manager. “And, there are only two other companies in the world, one in Italy and one in India, who are able to build this type of system today.”

The Titan is used to cut materials in an industrial manufacturing setting. By directing the high power of the fiber laser, by computer, at the material to be cut, the material will either melt, burn or vaporize away leaving an edge with a high quality finish.

Fiber lasers are still a relatively new technology. Having been found to be a cost-effective, reliable, high throughput means to process flat sheet metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium these lasers represent a real improvement in technology for a variety of applications, and are becoming the new industry standard. However, many manufacturers and job shops still haven’t embraced this new technology, clinging to their outdated, slow and expensive to run, CO2 machines.

“What do I say to people who ask why should they switch to a fiber laser system? That’s easy. The Titan has a lighter weight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market. It has the lowest operating costs among all laser types, requires no optical system alignment, laser service or laser replacement parts. It’s virtually maintenance free and simply the best industrial laser cutting system available,” said McHale. “It’s also the only one that’s made in the United States.”

Developing laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving systems for precision material processing industries, Laser Photonics is leading the way with innovative fiber laser and CO2 laser systems. Our laser machines are used by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic and medical industries around the world. For more info visit http://www.laserphotonics.com/ or call 407-829-2613.

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