Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Product Update: The FiberTower™ MegaCenter Laser

The FiberTower™ MegaCenter is Laser Photonics’ featured product of May, 2009. This unique system is one of the newest generations of fiber laser material processing systems for parts marking, UID marking, and deep engraving. It is the most advanced, industrial grade, fiber laser machine available. Equipped with the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080nm) with a unique combination of large marking area, high peak power, and ideal beam quality and fiber delivery, the MegaCenter™ is changing many manufacturing processes.

Operating as a standalone unit or as part of an in-line system, the FiberTower™ MegaCenter incorporates a direct drive linear motion system, Fiber Laser with Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller, Power Supply, Marking Software and a laser safety enclosure.

For more information on the FiberTower MegaCenter, view our product update:

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