Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Laser Cutting Acrylic Panel Samples

Laser Cutting Application:
Acrylic panel samples were processed by our application engineers using the SBM 1200 cutting system equipped with a 250W CW CO2 (10.6 um) through a 2.5" lens. Using 200 watts at a frequency of 5 kHz (modulated), the samples were cut with a pattern similar to the existing cuts on the sample. Samples were cut 1mm from cutting nozzle with ~10 psi compressed air. Cutting speed was 20mm per second and the application was completed in one pass.

The Laser Photonics application engineers made the following recommendations to the customer: The most appropriate system for this type of application is the SBM 1200 equipped with a 250 Watt continuous wave CO2 (106um) laser. A focal length lens of 2.5 inches should be used, depending on the focal distance requirements.

Laser Photonics LLC is an industrial leader in producing high power Fiber and CO2 Laser cutting machines. Our standard line of laser cutting machines is built in different sizes, speeds and strengths to meet different industry applications.

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