Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laser Cutting Copper Sheet

Laser Cutting Application:
Laser Photonics was contacted to process 0.7mm thick copper sheet. Our application engineers cut through the samples using a 2kW CW fiber laser (1060nm) equipped with a 9 inch focal length lens. To complete this application, the power was set at 60%, the copper sheet samples were cut in just 50mm/second using 2.5 Bar (36PSI) Oxygen as an assist gas with a nozzle diameter of 1.4mm and a nozzle standoff of 0.4mm. The samples were cut in just one pass.

Our application engineers recommend the Titan Series for these types of applications. The Titan Series is Laser Photonics’ first multipurpose fiber laser cutting machine with a single pallet shuttle table. It is equipped with a high-powered, energy efficient fiber laser and an advanced direct drive motion control platform. This system will achieve a level of quality and detail that is unprecedented in the industry for laser cutting. Comparable to other machines, the Titan has a lighter weight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market for comparable systems. This system offers ultra low power consumption allowing for the lowest operating costs among all laser types. The Titan’s fully software-controlled geometry alignment eliminates the need for special installation requirements. The Titan requires no optical system alignment, laser service or laser replacement parts making this system virtually maintenance free.

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