Friday, March 27, 2009

8 Reasons Smart Companies are Purchasing Laser Systems in 2009 Despite the Economy

It is no secret competition is greater in a down economy. Below are 8 reasons why the smartest companies are purchasing laser systems in order to improve their bottom line, gain market share and prepare themselves for the future.

1.) Gain a Competitive Advantage: When the economy is down, competition becomes greater. Earn market share by having the highest quality product results and leave your competition competing on a lower level.

2.) Large Stimulus Tax Benefits: Section 179 – The U.S. Government is stepping in and allowing large tax write offs on capital equipment through the end of 2009. The savings on the same system purchased in 2009 compared to 2010 could have a difference of up to $70,000.00.

3.) Warren Buffet Says Buy Low: Worldwide suppliers are giving discounts across the board. Equipment manufacturers can purchase components and lower manufacturing costs while passing the savings onto you.

4.) Eliminates Tooling and Consumable Costs: Laser systems have little to no consumables. Replacement parts, dyes and other component costs can add up over the year and become large hidden costs which will nickel and dime your bottom line throughout the year.

5.) Lower Production Costs: Laser systems greatly speed up your production process lowering your overall price per unit. This allows you to lower your final cost or increase your profit margin.

6.) Lower Operating Costs: New laser technology is more efficient and compact than other methods which allows you to reduce expensive floor space and eliminate unnecessary payroll expenses.

7.) Build Capital and Assets Instead of Liabilities: As your competition remains stagnant you can improve your production process and company worth with the addition of capital assets. When the economy improves, you’ll be steps ahead. Remember – leasing equipment will have a negative effect on your books.

8.) Virtually No maintenance: Systems out of commission will mean no production and no profits and when combined with expensive repair costs, these unexpected expenses may make or break a company. Using the latest generation laser technology, there will be no maintenance or replacement of expensive parts needed.

Despite the economy, smart companies are now purchasing laser systems in order to place themselves ahead of their competition. Right now upgrading production methods to the latest laser technology can save on energy costs, consumables, maintenance and increase throughput, yield and your bottom line. That said, it’s not hard to realize that now is the time to improve your production methods with a laser system. In troubled times, successful companies drive hard bargains and end up with extraordinary values which separate themselves from their competition. In other words, buy low and have a high return. While most go into panic mode, smart manufacturers go into shopping mode.

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