Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laser System Price Reduction on 2008 Inventory

Laser Photonics a leading manufacturer in Fiber and CO2 laser systems is making room for its new line of 2009 products by reducing its 2008 inventory. There is up to a 50% price reduction on some new and refurbished laser marking and cutting systems. These discounted systems include the all standard systems in the Fiber Tower™ Series, SBM Series, specific OEM kits, and some large platform cutting systems. Please visit for more information on all of our systems and the benefits of using laser systems to increase your production speed and quality while lowering costs.

All the benefits of a Laser Photonics system at prices that meet your budget!

Laser Photonics is looking to reduce its 2008 inventory by up to 60% within the next two months. “This reduced pricing will benefit any manufacturer or integrator looking to take their production speed and product quality to the next level even in the current stage of the economy while allowing us to start mass production of our 2009 standard product line.” states Ryan Semmer, Product Marketing Manager of Laser Photonics. “Our laser systems have been helping smart manufacturers gain competitive advantages for years by automating production methods while instantly impacting their bottom line. And now they can achieve this at industry low prices.”

Send in your product for fast and free custom processing and see for yourself how our laser systems are setting new standards!

Benefits of Laser Photonics
1. Highest Quality Systems in the Industry
2. Ship Standard Products Within 48 Hours
3. Leaders in Fiber Laser Technology
4. Manufactured in the U.S.A
5. Inventory Reduction Pricing!

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