Monday, February 16, 2009

NEW! Fiber Laser Cutting Copper Application

Copper and copper alloy are amongst the most versatile materials available and one of the best known conductors of heat and electricity. These alloys have been developed for a wide variety of applications and numerous fabrication processes employed to produce finished goods in every type of industry. World consumption of copper now exceeds 18 million tons per annum.

It is important to note, while the relative softness of copper makes it easy to cut, it is important to protect the component from unwanted damage during cutting. This damage may include, but not be limited to, bending, denting or scratching.

Laser Cutting Copper Application: Laser Photonics’ application engineers received a customers’ 4mm thick copper sample to be processed. Using the Titan Series 48™, Laser Photonics multipurpose fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a continuous wave 2kW, 1060nm, high-powered, energy efficient fiber laser, the Titan, in one pass cut through the sample at a speed of 10mm per second. The entire cycle time, per ring, was three minutes and seventeen seconds. One hundred PSI oxygen assist gas was used for this application with a nozzle diameter of 2.0mm and nozzle stand-off of 0.4mm.

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It's the Titian Series' ability to cut through highly conductive and reflective materials that makes this multipurpose fiber laser cutting machine one of Laser Photonics’ hottest selling systems. Compared to other processing methods such as CO2 lasers, stamping machines, presses and industrial saws, the Titan has low maintenance costs, high speeds, and great edge quality. Additionally, the Titan has a lighter weight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market for comparable systems.

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