Friday, December 12, 2008

Business Cards and Lasers

Just found another blog for a business consultanting company with an article about laser die-cut business cards and how to make your business cards stand out from the crowd using tricks like - odd sizes, gloss finishes and embossing. All good tips I think. Here's his site:

Reading this made me think I remembered seeing a business card made using a laser in one of our applications pictures. And sure enough, the applications engineers here at Laser Photonics made this (pictured) business card out of wood. It was cut and marked using a Laser Photonics CO2 Laser System. Something like this definitely makes a memorable impression for tradeshows and other meetings. I went to a Home Show once here in Orlando, Florida and a cabinet company had mini-cabinet doors for a business card and a "sample" of their work...that was a few years ago, and look - I'm still talking about them!
For more information on other things we've cut, maked or engraved to show the capabilities of our systems: Search Laser Photonics Applications Database Now.

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