Monday, December 15, 2008

Lasers are your Key to Security

Business crime is often seen as "victimless" because of the perception that all businesses are profitable and insured. Although crime statistics are not recorded separately for businesses, they are twice as likely to be the victims as individuals. For small businesses struggling to survive, crime can tip the balance from success to failure. When businesses fail, communities are deprived of goods and services. Without successful small businesses, efforts at regeneration will flounder and employment and investment opportunities will suffer. An effective strategy for tackling crime against businesses is essential if the economy is to flourish and communities prosper.

Property Marking: Taking simple precautions, like property marking, can help eliminate any invitation and opportunity for criminal activity. Marking your property not only makes it less attractive to thieves to steal it in the first place as they know that if they are caught in possession of it by the police, the police can quickly establish it as stolen property. In addition, the traceable property may be more difficult for them to “cash in” with another criminal or to a willing purchaser of the item. Of course, it also greatly enhances the chances of you being re-united with the item which is important too.

What you’ll need:
Laser Photonics feels anything employers can do to help prevent crime and ensure the safety of their employees is worthwhile. While Laser Photonics produces laser systems for thousands of uses, one use for the i-series Fiber Laser Marking Kit, in particular, is to use it to etch security codes on keys. In doing so, the keys can be tracked back not only to the company, but to the particular door it opens, the person the key was issued to, and numerous other crime stopping strategies can be employed.

Case Study: Brass keys were processed using a Pulsed fiber laser (1060nm wavelength, 1mJ @ 20kHz, 20W average)) through a 160mm F-theta Lens.
Mark #2 - 100 power, cycle 73.7 seconds, 5 passes.
Mark #3 - 100 power, cycle 80 seconds, 5 passes.

What can Laser Photonics do for you today?

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