Monday, December 8, 2008

FiberTower Networking Capabilities New 2009 Standard Feature

Control Numerous Laser Marking and Engraving Systems from One Computer

Lake Mary, FL., December 8, 2008 - Laser Photonics, the industry leader in developing high-tech fiber and CO2 laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving applications, announced today the latest networking capabilities available on the 2009 FiberTower™ Series Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving Systems. This new feature, available on all 2009 FiberTower™ systems, allows users of multiple machines to control all systems from one main hub.

“Having such streamlined control of all of your systems, saves time and money,” said Ryan Semmer, Laser Photonics’ product marketing manager. “This centralized control feature is available through an ethernet connection or wireless access and will be a standard feature on all 2009 FiberTower™ Series systems at no additional charge.”

About Laser Photonics: Developing laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving systems for precision material processing industries, Laser Photonics is leading the way with innovative fiber laser and CO2 laser systems. Our laser machines are used by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, electronic and medical industries around the world. For additional information on Laser Photonics Fiber and CO2 Laser Systems for marking, cutting and engraving applications, please contact a representative at 1-407-829-2613, or visit

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