Monday, December 15, 2008

Test Drive a Laser System...For Free

Are you looking for a solution for your engraving, cutting or marking jobs? Laser Photonics is the industry leader in developing high-tech fiber and CO2 laser systems specifically for those applications.

Free Custom Sample ProcessingWondering if your process can be enhanced by one of our systems, why not send us some samples of your product? Our experienced staff of applications engineers are familiar with a wide variety of applications across many different manufacturing industries. Once we receive the samples and a complete description of your marking or cutting requirements, we’ll process your parts and return them with a detailed applications report. We’ll also make some equipment recommendations – all at no charge.

Everything’s better with cheese…and the Fantom F-100 CO2 Laser
Individual serving packets, such as those used for catsup or other condiments in fast-food and other restaurants, usually feature a small cut for ease of opening. Laser Photonics was approached by a customer to use one of our systems to make the ‘easy opening cut’ on their individual serving packets of cheese. Once the customers’ samples arrived at our facility, our applications engineers went to work. Using the Fantom F-100 CO2 laser, the samples were processed with 100w CO2 laser (10.6um) through a 300mm focal lens. The mark was completed at the customers’ specification of 2.5mm long and was completed in one pass in just .04 seconds.

Common Applications for the Fantom F-100 CO2 Laser
· Alphanumeric, Logos, Serial Numbers, Part
· Numbers, Lot / Date Codes, Schematics, Complex Graphics, Pictures,
· Logos Etching (Material Vaporization)
· OCR Code Marking (Human and Machine Readable)
· Direct Parts Marking, Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix

· 2D Symbologies Linear Barcodes
· Lot Codes, Date Codes
· Production In line Integration
· IC Chip Package Marking
· UID - Unique Identifier
· Marking “On the Fly”

Fantom F-100 CO2 Specifications
The Fantom F-100 CO2 Marking Systems are small enough to mount easily on a bench or small machine tool for process development, yet powerful enough to cut, weld, scribe, or mark the most difficult materials.

This unit offers 100W of power, and output wavelengths of 10.6 microns. It provides the greatest flexibility to both end-users and OEM systems integrators. This system can be easily re-configured for direct installation into a production line and can connect to external control device. It was designed for maintenance-free Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications and was built to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions. Additionally, the F-100 system is air-cooled and plug and play capable.

Applications & Materials
• Anodized Aluminum • Surface Annealing • Surface Texturing • Surface Marking
• Surface Etching • Stainless Steel • Composites • Ceramics • Graphite • Titanium
• Ablation • Rubber • Plastics • Acrylic • Wood

Laser Photonics offers CO2 laser marking systems from 10 to 300W of average power, up to 900W of peak power, at output wavelengths of 10.6 microns. The Fantom F-100 Co2 laser system provides the greatest flexibility to both end users and OEM system integrators. The packages offered are custom tailored to your specific marking needs.

Laser Photonics is the industry leaders in developing high-tech Fiber and CO2 laser marking, cutting and engraving systems for a variety of industries, such as; aerospace, automotive, medical, solar and semiconductor to name a few. We exceed in manufacturing high quality, performance driven turnkey solutions for these and many other industries.

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