Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laser Photonics Announces New Solution for Label

The FiberTower XP equipped with an auto label feeder option

Lake Mary, FL., Laser Photonics, the industry leader in developing high-tech fiber and CO₂ laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving applications, received a contract from one of the most prominent aerospace LCD screen manufacturers. This highly sought after deal is the first for Laser Photonics and its newly developed auto label feeder option.
The Laser Photonics FiberTower XP equipped with an auto label feeder option was the chosen solution after a highly competitive and rigorous selection process. Laser Photonics’ experience with fiber and CO2 lasers, developing key solutions to meet manufacturers’ needs, and being a United States based company were major factors in the decision.

The solution features the FiberTower XP, the most advanced laser marking system in the industry. It provides the ability to operate as a standalone unit or as part of an in-line system, incorporates a 20 watt continuous wave laser, industrial PC controller, power supply, marking software, a laser safety enclosure and the auto label feeder option. The auto label feeder option can be removed and the system can be used for standard direct part marking.

Previous to the FiberTower XP with the auto label feeder option, marking UID data labels on Tesa tape involved manual labor. The labels were marked only after they were manually cut into four inch strips and then manually fed into the machine. The auto label feeder option on the FiberTower XP eliminates the need for any manual processing. To operate the FiberTower XP, a roll of labels is loaded, automatically indexed to the first marking area where the required mark is made. The labels perimeter is also cut using the laser, thus enabling an easy peel and stick application. The system repeats the indexing and marking until the job is complete.

Incorporating Tesa tape as the marking material enables for a durable, chemical and weather resistant marking application. Tesa labels can be marked elsewhere and then easily brought into the field to be applied to equipment, parts or, other items needing UID data labels, bar codes, part numbers, logos, serial codes, etc.


"We are very proud to be selected by one of the most demanding aerospace organizations in the world who requires the best implementation, integration and support services," said Todd Hockenberry, Laser Photonics’ executive vice president of sales and marketing. "This contract is evidence that Laser Photonics continues to be the vendor of choice for the laser projects that require unique expertise and high standards of service."

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