Monday, December 15, 2008

Fighting Crime with Fiber Lasers

Developed specifically for law enforcement agencies, the .357 Magnum has been the back bone of police departments and military agencies throughout the world. Laser Photonics, a leader in fiber laser technology, has developed the systems to etch aluminum and stainless steel gun parts with such things as: UID markings, part numbers, company names and logos.

Without a doubt, police need help solving crimes. Using the technology developed by Laser Photonics, the crime-solving potential of UID markings, traceable part numbers and other identifying marks is enormous. Together with the efforts of law enforcement agencies, Laser Photonics is proud to provide an additional tool that police departments and military agencies around the world can certainly use.

In order to process aluminum and stainless steel gun parts, Laser Photonics utilizes the Fiber Tower Mega Center. The gun parts are processed using a pulsed fiber laser through a 160mm F-theta Lens. Setting the power at 98% for the aluminum marking and 100% for the stainless, both processes were run at a frequency of 20kHz, and a speed of 10 inches per second. Total time to complete the aluminum was 119 seconds in four passes. Total time to complete the stainless was 452 seconds in four passes.

Discover The Fiber Tower Megacenter
The FiberTower™ Megacenter is the largest standard laser marking system by Laser Photonics with oversized enclosure equipped with X-Y planar stepper. Operating as a standalone unit or a part of an inline system, the FiberTower Megacenter™ incorporates an air bearing direct drive planar stepper, Q-Switched Fiber Laser with Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller, Power Supply, Marking Software and a laser safety enclosure.

Fiber Tower Megacenter Benefits:
  • Handles various flat and oversized parts
  • Equipped with foot switch, light curtains, or dual switch buttons.
  • Replaceable rotary attachment for circumferential marking
  • Optional bar code scanner or CCD camera for quality verification
  • Optional I/O for inline automation
  • Optional side doors for long parts
  • Exhaust outlet

Why Laser Photonics?
Laser Photonics is the industry leaders in developing high-tech Fiber and CO2 laser marking, cutting and engraving systems for a variety of industries, such as; aerospace, automotive, medical, solar and semiconductor to name a few. We exceed in manufacturing high quality, performance driven turnkey solutions for these and many other industries. Here at Laser Photonics, we understand your challenges and are constantly striving to enhance our relationships with our customers.

What can Laser Photonics do for you?

Try Before You Buy!
Did you know Laser Photonics will process your samples according to your specifications for FREE? Simply send us several samples of your product with a complete description of your marking or cutting requirements. Your processed parts, together with a detailed applications report and equipment recommendations will be returned to you at no charge.

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