Monday, December 15, 2008

Laser Cutting Foam Samples

Laser Cutting Application:
Our application engineers cut foam samples using the Fantom 100 (100w CW CO2 10.6um) equipped with a 300mm focal length lens. For most foam materials, a large thickness can be cut with a relatively short focal length optic. On these samples, the protective backing was removed and then the foam material was cut in to 0.5" strips, in one pass, in just .53 seconds per line. The samples were cut with an emphasis placed on causing little to no damage to the edges of the foam and adhesive backing. A sealed CO2 laser cuts styrofoam equally well. To achieve the best possible edge quality, little to no gas assist pressure should be used during the cutting process.

The Fantom F-100 CO2 Marking Systems are small enough to mount easily on a bench or small machine tool for process development, yet powerful enough to cut, weld, scribe, or mark the most difficult materials. If you’re looking for a cutting solution resulting in no discoloration, distortion or melting of foam, the Fantom F-100 CO2 Marking Systems are right for you!

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